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Photos Released: Adventure + Shoot with Elisa Aquino :)

I was two hours late GAAAD I dint know that it will take that looong taking a bus going to Megamall it was so embarrassing. Thank you Elisa for not getting mad at me :) We ate at tokyo-tokyo before heading to Ronac Art Center to have the shoot. We had a little chit-chat and some life talk it’s so AWESOME!. On our way to Ronac we got lost but thanks to Google Maps.

It was WILD. I wasn’t able to keep my bearing. I became so “TTOONNY” I started to be talkative and “irritatingly perky!”. Cheers! Elisa Aquino it was a fun day!

Photographer: Elisa Aquino

Visit her blog thunderpopcola.tumblr

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